Acknowledgments, References, and Tips of the Hat


I have been reading these studies for years with great interest and have been inspired by the authors listed below: by Dr. Marc Oliver Scheithauer (David Wexler, MD; Rebecca Segal, PhD; Julia Kimbell, PhD) by(Meng-Yang Di, Zhe Jiang, Zhi-Qiang Gao, Zhi Li, Yi-Ran An, Wei Lv) (T. Flint†, M. Esmaily-Moghadam, A. Thamboo, N. Velasquez AND P. Moin) (Lee, Heow Peuh; Wang, De Yun; Gordon, Bruce R.) (R EBECCA A. SEGAL , 1 G RACE M. K EPLER , 2 and J ULIA S. K IMBELL3) (Passàli D1, Passàli FM,Damiani V, Passàli GC,Bellussi L.) (Ivo Weinhold · Gunter Mlynski) (Stefan Zachow, Alexander Steinmann, Thomas Hildebrandt, Werner Heppt) (S. Zachow a , A. Steinmann b , Th. Hildebrandt c , R. Weber d , W. Heppt d)

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