Ohio State University RESULTS of my model – Dr. Marc Oliver Scheithauer feedback

I have recently received some positive feedback and very kind words from two highly respected Doctors and researchers to share in this post!

First, I took part in the ENS study at Ohio State University led by Dr. Kai ZhaoSomeone recommended that I contact him regarding my work on this site. I found Dr. Zhao to be a very nice down to earth approachable guy and he quickly took a genuine interest in my work and my results. He asked me right up front to “just call him Kai”. I have found that the best people seem to be very unpretentious and open minded. We talked and even skyped once. He was gracious enough to re-run one of my models. His results mirrored my results very closely. He said he agrees with all of my results (including thermal air temperature) which was very reassuring to me. He even added a nasal “tip” that my model was lacking since my CT scans stopped short of the tip. It turns out that it didn’t change the results very much. The gross distortion of airflow was plainly evident in both scenarios.

 I have also e-mailed with Dr. Marc Oliver Scheithauer who authored the study “Surgery of the turbinates and Empty Nose Syndrome” which started me on this journey. He is very caring and is currently working to help cure ENS. A year ago I informed him that a doctor at the University of Washington had laughed in my face regarding his theory of feedback from the nose and autonomic breathing. Recently I told him that as an engineer and an ENS patient that I personally verified his theory. I sent him a link to my extensive sleep study on Autonomic breathing and he was genuinely impressed. He was sad for me and for ENS victims but impressed with my work: “That is an extraordinary work you  have done. A tremendous sample of data, I would say unique  in the whole world. Congratulations!”

What follows are the results that “Kai” got when he re-ran my model from year 2013 which I have not shared here before as it was too close to 2011. (a medical disaster). If you compare his results with my 2013 results HERE you will see that our results match very closely! I am unsure what flow rate Kai used but mine here was 10l/minute. Same flow patterns. Here is the “abstract” only of Kai’s recently released study. I can’t give his study away here but if you get full access you will recognize what is left of my nasal cavity as his subject#6.