Graphical Chart Results and Key Findings (after first surgery)

Graphical Chart Results after first surgery:

(Bilateral Inferior sub-total turbinectomy and septoplasty)first surgery velocity 1first surgery velocity 2

Key Findings:

These moves are not subtle, they are extreme in magnitude! Based on the above CFD model image results, local velocities in the upper nose were drastically cut by values ranging from 50 to 82%! Velocities in the middle of the nose where most of the air we breathe is located, were cut by 50% on the left and virtually flattened by 70-75% on the right side! We can see that the pre-surgery right side was indeed obstructed compared to the left. The left side (which was normal) had a healthy range of roughly 150-200cm/second (mid cavity) matching the Wexler study for “normal”. The right side was in excess of that indicating obstruction (narrower path with a fixed flow rate=higher velocity) however the surgical response (now flat lining at 70 cm/sec) was severe and totally unnecessary. Local peak velocities even dropped in the lower right side by 42-47% as volume increased. This is an unwelcome massive redesign of a natural structure.